Monday, 19 May 2014

Preparation for exibition

This is the sketches on how we going to decoration for our project exibition.

Special thanks to Bee Cheng's botfriend for helping us to write the caligraphy.

Start to setup for the exibition booth.

A2 size poster done by Mandy.

Our exibition booth!!!
Altough the whole booth had fell off for three times as the cardboard is too heavy and the tape is not that strong to make the cardboard stick to the wall nicely.But in the end, we using the transparent fishing rope to tied it up on the ceiling in studio graphic.
Well done everyone:)

 Facebook webpage about traditional trades done by Richard Teoh 

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Try and error on pop up booklet

Our idea on pop up booklet will contain map which show the exact location of the shop,prices,operation hours,history of the shop,the speciality and contact of the shop.We will using cute icon and attractive pop up to attract people for letting them know those traditional trades in Georgetown and also help to promote and prevent traditional trades from fading .At the same time,people will feel fun with those pop up in the booklet and the size we used is 15cm x 15 cm which is easy to keep.We will come out with booklets that categorise into three categories according to different road.In this project,we will just focus on Cintra Street, Chulia Street and Magazine Road.

Fisrt version of the pop up booklet.

Dicussion during the class.

Using wrong material as the normal A4 paper is not that suitable.Some of the measurement and arrangement of the  pop up is wrong as well.

Second try of my pop up booklet.

Comment from Dr.Nurul, using wrong colour scheme,have to standardize the color scheme and its a bit messy.Standardize the icon of cute vehicles used either with or without the outline.Background of the booklet is too empty.Using wrong type of paper for the cover and content as well.

Third try of pop up booklet.

As time is flying very fast,its coming to the 11th week.All of us are rushing for coming Final year graduation Rintis showcase but we stil trying our very best to complete our happiness project so that it can be exibited during Rintis showcase.

After few days and nights....

-Cintra Street-

-Chulia Street-

- Magazine Road-

TADA!!! three pop up booklets are finally complete.I love it so much and it worth to have sleepless night just to complete them.

Paper used: mounting board, skin series motcha conquerer paper and conquerer laid series cream color.

Sunday, 4 May 2014

02.05.2014 Vist and interview with owner of traditional trades shop

02.05.2014 Visit and interview with owner of traditional trades .

 Fisrt stall we visit,a traditional porridge  at Magazine road.
Located at roadside which we have to sit on a small bangku on top of a long bangku hahaha..Its fun to try this.New experience and its fun as well.

Dare to try sitting on the bangku while having this porridge but scare when the tauke said somebody fall from the bangku before.hahaha

choices of food to choose to match with the porrigde.

Me and Mandy:)


Customer who had eat this for more than ten years.

Second stall we visit,Kedai Hasil Kertas Ah Bin & Sons .
Located at Magazine road.

Short interview with the owner.

The worker is making the base for the roof of the house for dead people.

A paper doll that represent the spirit of the dead people.

Another worker is joining all the intersection point of the bamboo stick using a kind of paper called egg paper(direct translate in chinese)This paper is very strong and its not easy to tear off.

 Third shop,traditional nyonya kuih at Chulia Street.

A hidden shop just beside the camera museum.

Nice and friendly tauke that would like to share everything tha he knows to us.

Homemade kaya.

Traditional nyonya kuih that the tauke had treat us.Thumb up!

The old traditional machine they use to bake the kuih.

Getting to know more about traditional nyonya kuih from the tauke.

Fourth Shop, Ngai Sun Bertam Chick & Wooden Blind
Located at Chulia Street.

Fifth Shop, Hok Kim Hin
Located at Chulia Street.The only one remaining foundary handmade sifu in Penang.

Talking with this sifu for quite a long time.He is telling us that nowaday is hard to maintain his work as its hard and takes long time to produce as it is handmade while there are factory outside which can produce those foundary in large quantity , good quality and its more cheaper.

Sixth shop,Leong Chee Kee Biscuit
Located at Cintra Street,its quite hidden.

Everytime I am looking back to these photos,its makes me hungry again.The biscuits are super tasty!Especialy the coconut tart and walnut sweet biscuit.

Seventh shop,76 Yu Char Kuih
Located at Cintra Street.

Very nice smell of Yu Char Kuih when we pass by the shop.

Eighth shop, Chin Huat Pillow 
Located at Cintra Street just beside Yu Char Kuih shop.

100 % natural cotton

Ninth Shop, Steam Rice Cake stall
Located at Cntra Street.

Its a very popular stall in Georgetown.Famous with their steam rice cake and ham chin peng.

After we had visited and interview with those owner of traditional trades,we do learn a lot of things and is totally exhausted,hahaha.We really get lost in some streets and forgotten where I had park my car and kept walking in this terrible hot weather. Great exploration on traditional trades.